Marijuana & the powerful connection to holistic health

Powerful mind & healthy body in balance is my actual goal.

I genuinely don’t need to lose a huge amount of weight, or pack on a lot of muscle, I just want to be physically fit & totally healthy.

I think that just losing weight is not enough, to actually enhance your life you need to work hard on total wellness, for every aspect of your actual being. A ripped, muscular body with a shallow, lonely soul doesn’t sound appealing to me… When people actually consider holistic health, they may consider acupuncture, or yoga, or meditation, or they may even consider marijuana, however personally I think that a firm connection with recreational marijuana is a gateway to holistic health. Cannabis & CBD products can relax the body a great deal & open the mind, making it far more aware of itself. In other words, cannabis & CBD products can help you “break into” your own brain, & stop it working against you! Holistic health is the full and complete health of body & mind, so usual trips to the cannabis store may prove to be necessary in maintaining this connection. Whenever I need to move, I constantly look for the closest recreational cannabis store near me, because I will frequent it more often than the grocery store or the gas station. Recreational weed is not yet available all over the place, so I consider myself lucky that every one of us have several dispensaries nearby that do not actually need a medical prescription. It is my sincere hope that a single day recreational cannabis products will be so embraced by society that it will be covered by medical insurance, without a prescription too.


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