Each week the deals continue to get nicer

The local weed store is having a wonderful deal all through this month to celebrate May Madness.

Each week, you get something extremely nice for free if you spend more than $65 on products in the weed store.

There are many weird products included in the sale. When I went to the weed store on Tuesday, I was able to learn about this interesting sale. I spent $65 on live resin concentrate & I got to choose something wonderful from a box. The grab box included grams of concentrate, bags of edibles, marijuana flower, & a good selection of other items. I picked out a single gram of live resin concentrate, but next week if I go to the dispensary again & spend the right amount, I will qualify for a sweeter deal. The week after that, the deals improve even more. If you end up buying something during all those weeks, then the 4th week of May Madness you save a whopping 50% off on all items in your shopping cart from the qualifying weed stores. It is such a great deal, especially when you consider you only have to spend $65 each week to qualify for the huge sales. I most often spend about $50 each week on marijuana supplies, so spending $20 more won’t be tough. I will have to eat even more back at my residence instead of going to the diner with my awesome friends. I actually want to be able to enjoy the 50% off deal & I want to have a reasonable amount of cash when I do, so I can really take total advantage of the fantastic savings.

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