She kept telling me about vape pens, plus all I wanted was some CBD.

I walked into the medical marijuana dispensary the other day, ready to buy our CBD oils.

I waited until one of the budtenders was finished with a customer, after that I walked up to discuss what I wanted.

She began telling me about all the marijuana products they had for sale. I appreciated the information about the sales, but there was only one thing I wanted. They carried a RSO that was 15 parts CBD plus 1 part THC. The RSO was the only thing I wanted to purchase, whether it was on the sales list or not. I tried to tell her I wasn’t interested in anything other than the RSO, however she wasn’t listening. She kept telling me about vapes pens plus odd ways they could be used. She said there were flavored cartridges, plus some vape every one of us could use with marijuana bud. I finally told her I needed to leave soon plus asked if she would just get the RSO for me, so I could leave. She seemed to be miserable with me, although I didn’t care. When she went into the back room, I pulled one budtender aside. I told him what the girl was doing to me. She said she would handle the situation, plus when I came back again, she wasn’t there. I had to ask what had happened to the young lady, because I didn’t want to be the reason she didn’t have a job. She explained she was the owner’s daughter, plus all she had to do was say something to the owner..


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