Very happy with local cannabis dispensary

There is a recreational cannabis dispensary located near my home.

I am thrilled with it.

I am impressed with the facility, the staff and the products. The venue is set up to be very modern and welcoming. The decor is clean and minimalistic yet comfortable. There are floor to ceiling windows facing the street that offer an impressive view of the products inside. There are big glass display cases that showcase the different colors of flower, types of pre-rolls, variety of concentrates, tinctures, topicals and cartridges. Everything is always perfectly clean and tidy. The cannabis products are all properly labeled to provide the strain, THC and CBD levels and dosage recommendations. The cannabis dispensary includes amenities such as an on-site ATM, dab bar and vape lounge. I have never tried the dab bar or lounge, but I have taken a peek and was impressed. The booths and chairs are very plush looking. Those areas are situated at the back, where people can be more private. The selection of cannabis products is really incredible. They carry a wide variety of strains, terpenes and potency. Just their menu of edibles is outstanding. My favorite is the selection of flower. I can find the strains that everybody is talking about, such as Superglue, Ice Cream Cake and Gelato Crunch. Another benefit of the local cannabis dispensary is the budtenders. The staff is friendly and educated in the effects of their products. The budtenders are always willing to discuss options and make recommendations. They are very honest about the products and have helped me to customize my purchases and enjoy a better cannabis experience. Although they sell top-shelf cannabis, the prices are reasonable. I often take advantage of specials and discounts. The dispensary recently added delivery services to the surrounding area. Having the availability of delivery is super convenient. It saves me a tremendous amount of time.

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