There was so much cannabis at her place

When I met Connie at the party, I was smitten by her.

She was pretty, plus funny, plus had the most bewitching eyes I have ever seen… even if they were a little bloodshot.

She shared a joint with me, plus I made my move, getting her iphone number. They say you have to shoot your shot, plus that is just what I did… I told her I was hoping to get to know her better, plus she told me to pick her up the next night for an official date. When I stopped by her loft to pick her up, she invited me inside to smoke some cannabis with her. In her living room I saw the most marijuana I had ever seen before, and easily two pounds worth of cannabis! It turns out that Connie didn’t only smoke cannabis, she sold it professionally. Her friends called her The Dispensary as a nickname, because that’s how much cannabis she commonly had on hand. Unlike most pot dealers, Connie didn’t sell nickel plus dime bags of marijuana to school youngsters plus housewives. She had started out doing that, plus then gradually moved up in the world, plus now she was the one who supplied numerous dealers with their cannabis. In other words, Connie sold cannabis by the pound, or at the bare minimum a “quap” or quarter pound of the product. This made her not a pot dealer, but a cannabis distributor, supplying the local dealers who were unable to get product from a legal dispensary. On top of all this, Connie is also pretty hot!

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