There are more rules to follow when operating a business in a purely medical weed state

It was exciting when I first tried marijuana. At once it was both unbelievable and beyond whatever expectations I could have had at the time. Before long, I was using it weekly and then daily. But getting cannabis back then was harder than it is now. My state has medical cannabis dispensaries in every county these days, but in college we had to purchase it from the seediest individuals possible. I remember buying a quarter pound of Mexican brick weed once from a couple of gangsters in the middle of the night. That’s one of those situations where I was convinced that I was going to get robbed and the spit beat out of me in the process. Although we came out of the meeting unscathed, we were shorted by two ounces on the entire quarter pound. Needless to say, I never tried to purchase cannabis from that source again. A friend at school started getting it from his hometown and it was suddenly easier to smoke quality flower buds. Now that it’s legal, I’m happy that it’s easy for me to obtain but frustrated at how hard it is to operate a medical marijuana business in my home state. We have state-imposed vertical integration on cannabis companies, meaning you have to operate from seed to sail. Sadly, there aren’t separate growing companies and retail locations, each store has to be its sole supplier. On top of that, there are strict lab testing guidelines that all of the cannabis dispensaries have to follow. Some of the recreational cannabis states have looser rules and regulations on their legal marijuana industry.

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