The experts are the ones who should be growing the cannabis crops

Inside the lockdown, I was able to start trying to grow pot plants on my own! This was totally out of desperation, but also out of boredom, but I actually had a greenhouse, as well as all sorts of pots as well as soil.

  • My roommate as well as I have a glass jar in the living room where all of us consistently throw our stems as well as seeds.

I chose to harvest some seeds from there as well as plant them. A good amount of the seeds never sprouted, as well as the plants I did cultivate were pretty lousy, as well as not worth smoking. I sure am thankful for the cannabis dispensary since they started doing deliveries through the rest of the pandemic. I honestly was not cut out to be a pot farmer. The more research I decided to do on growing cannabis plants, the more I was able to see that this was too far outside of my expertise. I had the belief that growing marijuana would be similar to having a garden, but it’s something like operating a laboratory. They refer to it as “weed” because marijuana is alleged to sprout up as well as grow wild wherever it can. This is not the case at all based on my particular experience. Cannabis plants require care all the time, as well as certain nutrition as well as light requirements, in order to produce the nicest product! When I read about labs that work on unique strains of cannabis for months as well as years, just to dial in on the best buds, I knew I was in over my head for certain. All I want is to get high, I don’t want a sizable amount of work involved. From here on out, I will leave the work of growing cannabis to the cannabis workers, as well as forget about trying to do it myself.
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