The cannabis was a real lifesaver

My wifey & I went water skiing just this past weekend.

We went with some good friends to a brand new location on the west side of the lake.

The lake here is quite huge, & it takes about an hour to drive from the east side of the lake to the west side of the lake. My wifey needed a couple of items from the store & we had to drive to the other side of the lake. While we were gone, the car broke down & we were stranded on the side of the road. I was totally frustrated & a little agitated. I tried not to yell at my wifey, because I knew it wasn’t her fault that the car was not actually working correctly. It’s a good thing I had lots of cannabis in the car. My wifey & I had been to the dispensary earlier that morning & I had everything in the back seat. I got a single of the pre-rolled marijuana joints from my bin & I fired it up. I got out of the car & smoked the joint to the face. I offered my wifey a couple of hits from the marijuana joint, although she was not having it… She’s never been a fan of marijuana, even though I know it is a lifesaver. In that certain situation, cannabis really saved the morning. I would have been much more agitated if I had to deal with that situation without feeling a relaxing high. We waited on the side of the road for close to an hour until a nice person drove by & made the decision to stop to help. The guy opened up the hood of the car & started moving things around. The car started running in no time.

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