So surprised by the new cannabis dispensary

Legal weed was the stuff of fever dreams for me until recently.

I can remember thinking how great it would be if the state would just legalize recreational marijuana.

But I also knew that the odds of that were so slim. It’s just that I hated having to deal with all the challenges just to enjoy some recreational marijuana. As a career minded person, I certainly couldn’t take the chance of an arrest over a small amount of illegal sativa products. So, I really couldn’t actually pursue marijuana for sale. Instead, I’d be lucky if an old college friend could get me some weed. Or maybe I’d run across someone who wanted to share a joint with me in private. So the fact that the state finally came to its senses and legalized recreational marijuana was a big deal for me. When I finally was able to access the local cannabis spot near me, I was so surprised by it. I guess I was thinking that it would be a small space that had a few glass containers of marijuana for sale. What I found when I entered my first cannabis dispensary was something far different indeed. The local cannabis spot was amazing. It’s like a fine wine and food shop. Really, I was just blown away by all the marijuana products that were available to purchase. And they even offer cannabis delivery as well. There were rows and rows of sativa products and indica products along with plenty of rows of hybrid strains for sale. And don’t even get me started on the selection of edibles. I try to keep my shopping trips to my local cannabis spot to one every couple of weeks. But it ain’t easy!
medical marijuana dispensary near me