Relieved they provide delivery now

I am so thankful that the recreational cannabis dispensary now provides delivery services.

There are a number of legal marijuana shops near me.

The downside is that the majority of places do not sell the products I want. There are so many restrictions when it comes to selling edibles in a cannabis dispensary. If the edible includes dairy in the ingredients, such as chocolates, the rules are particularly strict. Because of this, most places just avoid selling edibles or offer strictly gummies. I purchase cannabis cooking oils, granola, cannabis brownies & white chocolate bars with THC in them. My preferred cannabis dispensary is about an hour’s drive from my home. I have to sacrifice a great deal of time if I want to shop and buy edibles for the weekend. I used to be reluctant to make the trip. Now I can opt for delivery & my order shows up right at my door. The cannabis website knows all of my account information. It keeps track of my credit card, address and will recommend products for me. I signed up to receive the dispensary newsletter so that I get an alert when my favorite edibles go on sale. I can buy from virtually anywhere at any time of day or night. If I lived closer to the dispensary, there would be no delivery fee with a good sized order. Because I am outside of their accepted radius, I pay a sizable fee to have the edibles delivered. It is entirely worth it. My time is valuable. For me, it is worth any amount to stay home, in my PJs & wait for my cannabis order to arrive. I am so appreciative of the delivery service.

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