Never seen so much cannabis in all my years

When I easily met Connie at the get-together, I was totally taken with her.

She was genuinely pretty, & funny, & had the most exotic eyes… even if they were somewhat bloodshot.

She shared a joint with me right away, & I made my move, getting her phone number. They actually say you have to take your shot, & that is just what I did… I told her I was looking to get to know her better, & she told me to pick her up the next evening for a usual date. When I stopped by her property to come and get me, she invited me inside to smoke some cannabis with her. In her dining room I saw the most marijuana I had ever seen before. Easily more than a few pounds worth of cannabis! It turns out that Connie didn’t just smoke cannabis, she sold it on a professional level… Her buddies basically called her The Dispensary as a nickname, because that’s how much cannabis she had all the time. Unlike most pot dealers, Connie never chose to sell nickel & dime bags of marijuana to teenagers & housewives. She had started out doing that, & then was able to make her way up in the world, & now she was the one who supplied most dealers with their cannabis. In other words, Connie sold cannabis by the pound, or at least a quarter pound of product. This made her not merely a pot dealer, however a cannabis distributor, supplying the dealers around the community who couldn’t find product from a legal dispensary. On top of all this, Connie is also relatively hot!
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