My cousin works as a cannabis delivery driver

I was surprised to learn that it isn’t difficult to get hired as a cannabis delivery driver.

When my cousin Susan told me that she works at a dispensary fulfilling the deliveries, I was shocked.

My cousin isn’t all that conscientious or punctual. She doesn’t have an impressive work history. What she does have is a perfect driving record and plenty of experience driving. Apparently those are the qualifications you need. It is fairly simple to become an uber or a lyft driver. It is equally as easy to drive for a cannabis dispensary. A lot of drivers prefer cannabis delivery because they are no longer dealing with people. They aren’t dealing with inebriated people. No one is critiquing what route they choose. The job provides decent pay. Susan earns more delivering marijuana than she used to when she delivered pizza. The products are quite expensive. All clients accepting the product have proper identification and understand the regulations. I did some further research and learned that medical marijuana delivery drivers meet more strenuous requirements. They are vetted more thoroughly and have more knowledge about cannabis products. There is more paperwork required to get the job because these drivers are transporting prescription medications. It still isn’t as tough as I would have thought. Nearly anyone can get hired. Susan really likes her job delivering cannabis throughout the city. She has quite a few regulars. She says that it is one of the better jobs she’s ever had. She isn’t earning a tremendous amount of money. She makes somewhere between 20 to 30 grand per year delivering cannabis for the dispensary. It isn’t a job I would want.


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