More cannabis than I have ever seen

When I ended up meeting Connie at the party, I was truly taken with her… She was gorgeous, plus funny, plus had the most lovely eyes… even if they were a fairly bloodshot.

She shared a joint with me, plus I made my move, getting her number, but they say you have to easily make your shot, plus that is just what I chose to do.

I actually told her I wanted to make a relationship with her, plus she told me to take her on a date the following night. When I stopped by her current residence to get her, she invited me inside to smoke a small amount of cannabis with her. In her living room space I saw the most marijuana I had ever seen in a single locale before. There were many pounds worth of cannabis! It turns out that Connie didn’t smoke cannabis only, she sold it professionally. Her friends called her The Dispensary as a nickname, because that’s how much cannabis She had all the time. Connie didn’t sell small amounts of marijuana to college guys plus housewives. She had started out doing that in the very start, plus then gradually moved up. These days she is supplying other dealers with their cannabis products. In other words, Connie sold cannabis by the pound, or at the bare minimum a “quap” or quarter pound of the cannabis bud. This made her not a pot dealer exactly, however a cannabis distributor, supplying the dealers in the region who couldn’t get product from a legal dispensary. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Connie is also crazy hot!

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