It was a bit much for me to handle the cannabis joint

My awesome friends and I went out of the area for the weekend.

The group of us decided to travel to a great location to celebrate the bachelor getting married.

The group of us traveled a couple of hours to an unusual state so the group of us could go to casinos, clubs, and bars. The group of us were also in a place where recreational marijuana is actually legal, however recreational marijuana was not very challenging to find. There were billboards all over the town that advertised recreational marijuana sales! My awesome friends and I were out on the town one particular evening and so we went to a weed store. The group of us picked out a couple of infused pre rolls. The group of us smoked one of the infused pre-rolls that night, it was a hybrid strain called Girl Scout cookies. The group of us saved the other infused pre-roll for the upcoming day. The sativa pre-roll made me feel legitimately high. I felt so much different from the way I felt the previous night. When my awesome friends and I smoked that marijuana joint, I felt calm and relaxed. This joint made me feel like my heart was pounding. I was sad for a couple of hours, because I had the impression that I was having a bad reaction to the marijuana. It turns out that I was just terribly high. The infused sativa joint was too much for me to take on. I should have taken one or multiple hits instead of smoking an entire joint. I had to wait hours until the marijuana was out of my system. I definitely didn’t appreciate that feeling and I did not smoke any more recreational marijuana while my awesome friends and I were out of town.

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