I was impressed with the amount of cannabis I saw

When I met Johnny at the party, I was easily taken with the guy.

He was smoking hot, & funny, & had the most dazzling eyes… even if they were a little bloodshot.

He actually shared a joint with me, & I made my move, getting his cellphone number. They say you have to shoot your shot, & that is precisely what I did. I told him I wanted to learn more about him, & he told me to pick him up the next night for a proper date. When I stopped by his lake dwelling to pick him up, he invited me inside to smoke a bit of cannabis. In his home office I saw the most marijuana I had ever witnessed in a single venue before. Easily three pounds worth of cannabis! It turns out that Johnny didn’t just smoke cannabis, he sold it for a living. His friends called him The Dispensary as a nickname, because that’s how much cannabis he had on hand regularly. Unlike most pot dealers, Johnny didn’t sell nickel & dime bags of marijuana to college kids & housewives. He basically started out doing that, & then gradually moved up in the world, & now he was supplying other dealers with their cannabis. In other words, Johnny sold cannabis by the pound, or at least a “quap” or quarter pound of product. This made the man not really a pot dealer, but a cannabis distributor, supplying the local dealers who were not able to get product from a legal dispensary… On top of all this, Johnny is especially fine!

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