My marijuana dispensary website is getting more hits after learning SEO strategies

Cannabis has been my central passion for the past 20 or so years.

My buddies used to grow it in a garage and were producing some of the stickiest buds I’ve yet to see in my entire history of smoking marijuana.

They taught me cannabis growing techniques back then that take years to develop nowadays. Unless you have a master grower helping you at every step of the way, you’re going to fight an uphill battle full of frustrating trial and error. I’ve seen friends of mine struggle trying to learn these skills through social media guides and video tutorials, but they have had varying levels of success using this method. I’m thankful that I’m far past the point of learning marijuana cultivation, and now own an actual business growing and selling cannabis. Despite being a skilled cannabis grower, I floundered when it came to advertising and marketing. It’s not my forte, so I hired a digital marketing company to help me with my dispensary website. I’m getting an exponentially higher number of website hits after learning proper search engine optimization skills from the digital marketing company that I hired. They gave me a list of keywords that are popular within my particular niche in the cannabis industry. After fixing all of the pages on my website and filling the text with the right SEO keywords, I noticed a slow trickle effect that resulted in a huge increase in website traffic. Without this digital marketing help, I don’t know where my cannabis company would be right now. You can’t overstate the importance of search engine optimization when dealing with online businesses.



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