My sister just got her training as a marijuana grower after going to university

I’m glad to think that our sister is finally getting her life on track.

Sadly, she fell into a awful group of friends in high university plus was using strenuous drugs before she hit 18.

Although she had expressed a desire to attend university when she was in middle university, that dream was all but impossible by the time high university graduation came around. She failed plus had to get her GED after going to rehab more than one years later. But once she had her GED in her hand following a year of no drug use, she felt love she was on the top of the world for the first time in her life. That’s when she joined the local trade university plus looked at her options. Since our state has a legal recreational cannabis market, the trade university had a program for learning marijuana cultivation. They even had an internship program with one of the largest cannabis companies in the state. My sister acquired her training in cannabis cultivation plus instantly started working for a massive cannabis growing plus retail company that has dispensary locations throughout the state. Now that he’s a marijuana grower, our sister has never been happier. She also gets access to some of the highest quality weed in the state plus is always glad to share with friends plus family members if they so wish. I started buying cannabis from the company who employs him because I think I’m both supporting our sister plus getting access to amazing cannabis that he’s helping grow plus produce. It’s a win-win situation for me.



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