Is there anything they won’t put CBD in?

I was talking to my sister the other day, & both of us were discussing CBD & marijuana, and she told me that she had study in the paper where there were some dispensaries that were now selling Tim Hortons Latte that was infused with THC and/or CBD.

She asked me what I thought? I had nothing to say about it, but instead, I asked if there was anything they won’t/can’t put CBD or THC in? She was stunned by my response… Normally she & I know about the same on subjects, & if both of us don’t, it’s just friendly banter back & forth.

I knew she occasionally imbibed in a pot cigarette when she was feeling harshly stressed. I did not know just how awkward it was for her to know I knew, or to know that I use CBD every day. I told her that CBD Gummies get boring after a while. You want to change it up a little & figure out what else you could put CBD in? They had sodas that were laced with CBD or marijuana. I knew you could put it in just about every food they had since I had done that. I baked cookies, homemade candy, & even created my own confections that have CBD in them, and that was why I asked if there was anything they would not put CBD in? If the dispensaries didn’t know safe selling unusual products infused with CBD, was it the quality of the CBD, or the reaction that occurred when added to the products? I wanted to know if it was because of adverse reactions, or that it would not be worth selling because there’d be actually little market for the product?
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