Black market cannabis is a toss up because of the lack of lab testing

I was lucky to have a neighbor with superb access to quality cannabis when I started smoking the plant 10 years ago.

The flower buds were always sticky and pungent in their dank smells.

Unfortunately, that neighbor moved to another state after university and I abruptly had to grplum with a bad weed supply that varied in quality all of the time. I remember asking friends if I could acsupplier them to parties so I could attempt to network with new people I hadn’t met before. At the time marijuana use was nearly as popular as it is now, however most people had to buy it illegally and only ever mentioned it in private among other weed smokers. You’d guess it would be simple to spark a joint, pass it around, and ask where almost everyone gets their bud from. Unfortunately, most of the people I met while I was in those years only had access to Mexican granite weed which was always called “mids,” or mid-grade. It’s between ditch weed and sensimilla, which is cannabis that was never pollinated while I was in the flowering stage. All of the energy that usually goes toward seed production instead goes toward flower bud potency and quality. It took serious effort to find superb sensimilla on the streets always. You could ask someone if they knew a neighbor with a linkion for dank weed, however the linkion could “dry up” at any point if someone gets sketched out and starts ghosting you when you request weed again. On top of that, it’s not always wash weed and can absorb a number of contaminants while I was in its time in transit, wherever it goes. That’s why I’m happy to spend our money higher prices for legal weed as it’s all lab ran tests on in our state.


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