The company hit me with a cease and desist letter

I applied for a business permit so I could grow industrial hemp on my property.

I needed a business permit that was difficult to get and the paperwork was difficult to understand and even harder to fill out on my own.

I needed help getting everything done right, because I didn’t want to fill out the paperwork five or six different time. Every time I filled out the necessary paperwork to become legal, a problem happened and I had to start the process all over again. I decided to find a cannabis consulting firm that handles business permits and contracts. The Cannabis consulting firm was more than happy to help with my hemp business. They asked me to provide all of the paperwork during the first meeting. A secretary came into the office and took all of my paperwork. The consultant said the woman would work on things and get back to me. She still had the paperwork when I was finished with the consultant an hour later. The guy told me not to worry. If you would give me a call when it was ready. A couple of days went by and then I received a phone call from the Cannabis consulting firm. The woman had everything ready and she asked me to come by to pick it all up. She had everything ready for me to sign and even had the paperwork in a stamped envelope ready to go into the mail. She took the time to fill out each space exactly how it needed to be filled out with the right words and phrases so I didn’t get kicked back out of the system again.

Dispensary consulting