I was looking for real estate for the new dispensary

It’s my job to find new real estate when a new cannabis shop opens.

I work for one of the largest cannabis delivery services in the country.

We have shops in 13 different states and in over 100 different locations. We do not have a store space where customers can walk in and Shop. Our services are for delivery only. We mostly set up in cities that do not allow storefronts. Many of these cities still allow dispensaries as long as they are delivery services only. It can be difficult to find shop space, because a lot of owners don’t want to rent to a marijuana delivery service. Sometimes we have to rent for a couple of years, because it’s hard to know if the delivery service is going to be a success or not. We often open delivery services not knowing if the current climate can withstand the business or not. Since we don’t have a storefront, we don’t have to spend as much capital to get started and that means we can take more chances than others. I was looking for real estate for a new dispensary and I had to contact a real estate company to consult on the project. I was having trouble getting anyone to meet with me or call me back. I was hoping that a local real estate consultant would be able to help. I found someone with their own business and used them instead of a company that might have ties to the community. It was much easier to find real estate once I had the help of a consultant.

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