The cops forced me to make some changes

I was selling weed out of my basement for more than five years before I got busted by the police, then my entire basement was a grow room plus I had 24 plants growing at 1 time.

  • I had many Indica strains, many hybrid strains, plus many different sativa strains growing at 1 time.

I did not believe I would ever fear the Wrath of the police, plus then they came knocking on my door 1 day! They had a search warrant plus a lot of questions they wanted answers to. I figured out that 1 of my neighbors decided to call the police. I believe I know which 1 of the nosy neighbors that it was, but without proof, I cannot retaliate. The police seized all of the plants that I had growing plus they provided me a date with the judge at court. I had to find a lawyer suddenly. I found a special Law Firm that helps with cannabis-related concerns, when the person found out that I was busted for growing marijuana, he advised I could try to go legal. It was going to be quite an uphill battle, but if I at least attempted to apply for a legal license, the judge would entirely go simple on me. I thought it was worth a try, especially if it kept me out of jail or prison. The Cannabis Consulting plus law agency directed me to the right person to get the paperwork completed. I worked with a different lawyer for eighths plus we filled out all of the paperwork that needed to go to the state. The Cannabis consultant provided me a ton of nice advice plus helped me stay out of prison.

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