Weed delivery on our honeymoon

On my honeymoon my husband and I decided to try legal weed for the first time. The two of us had grand plans to go into a cannabis dispensary, browse the products and then get high in our hotel room. Well it turned out the closest cannabis store was multiple blocks away. It would take us around 30 minutes in order to reach the legal weed shop. We didn’t have a rental car and didn’t want to pay for an uber for the drive there and back. I was so disappointed. I thought it would be fun to try legal cannabis. My husband then figured out the dispensary offered delivery services. He took a picture of his ID, credit card and we picked out what we wanted online. It was so nice and convenient. Rather than get dressed and go to the store, we did it all from our hotel robes. I got to read product information, reviews and look at pictures. It was a way better experience. The cannabis dispensary even had a chat feature where you could talk to a budtender online and find out what products would work right for you. We then ordered our products and my husband waited at the hotel entrance for the driver. It took not even 30 minutes for everything to come to our hotel. The delivery fee wasn’t even that bad either. It was worth not walking the hour in total honestly. It was fun smoking cannabis oil, soaking in the tub and just enjoying each other. That dispensary was smart for offering weed delivery.

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