We needed to freshen up the place a little bit

The up-to-date director was a woman plus she had many large ideas for making the business expand.

This town is small plus the company is also small.

The corporate owners have seen a great deal of potential in the group. Sally was a director from a different place with a great track record for generating profits. They sent her to this specific dispensary to work the special Magic on all buyers. I believe she was discouraging at first, but I said she was gleeful in work. She solicited many of our ideas plus ask how to get more work done for the cannabis shop. I easily told her that we needed people to stay instead of coming plus going. People were walking in plus out of the door. They weren’t spending a heap of money. I thought it was a good suggestion to convert our Lounge into a place for our customers to smoke. If they had an area to vape or smoke cannabis, then we could keep people in the building for longer. Over multiple weeks, we begin to see more plus more people hanging out at the lounge plus the first idea turned out to be one that was a huge hit to everyone in the building. Now people come into the building with an idea of the supplies that they want to purchase and they can sit down and relax with them at the same time. We certainly needed to freshen up the place a little bit, but now that things are done we are looking up towards the future.

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