Uncle Chuck specialized in hybrid strains

I never understood why my dad didn’t like Uncle Chuck.

  • Chuck was the older brother of my mom, and my dad hated having him around.

As a kid I thought Chuck was the coolest member of the family. He rode a motorcycle, and gave the kids rides on it around the farm. He always had candy to give out, and could make my mom laugh like no one else. Years passed, and we only ever saw Uncle Chuck once in a while. Then I found out why, and it made me roll my eyes. It turns out that Uncle Chuck grew cannabis out on his ranch, and my Dad thought that was sinful and immoral, as well as being illegal. My mom was very liberal, and didn’t care about marijuana, but my dad was an old fuddy duddy on the topic. Since I was old enough to drive, I went out to visit Uncle Chuck myself one weekend, partially to see what a marijuana farm looked like. I was a little disappointed, to be honest, because mostly it was just a series of small greenhouses, each one containing a different strain of cannabis. Uncle Chuck explained to me that he didn’t grow fields of marijuana, he specialized in advanced hybrid strains that he sold for top dollar to cannabis dispensaries. I realized that cultivated cannabis was not a criminal endeavor, but a botanical one! I asked if he could teach me about the basics of growing cannabis, and he said that he would like to, but that my father would kill us both if he ever found out!


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