Trading rides for cannabis

Uncle Gus always struck me as a grumpy old coot. He was a grumpy old coot, and remains one to this day, but now I understand him. Gus is now my favorite guy to hang out with, which started out because he needed a lot of rides. The pandemic changed a lot of things for our family, and we lost a few people, so when Uncle Gus reached out and said he needed a ride to get his medicine, I didn’t hesitate to drive him. I thought we would be going to the pharmacy, but instead he directed me to a small cannabis dispensary in the suburbs. At the time there was no one allowed inside the cannabis dispensary, due to COVID restrictions, but they had started doing curbside pickup. We sat and waited until one of the budtenders came out of the dispensary with a sizable package and put it in the trunk. With his pension and his retirement pay, Uncle Gus tended to purchase very large amounts of cannabis. Once I learned that, I had no reservations about driving him around anymore, because he always paid me handsomely with cannabis. He would tip me a gram of cannabis for a ride, so with enough rides I literally didn’t’;t have to pay for my own marijuana for weeks on end! We have to go to a lot more places other than the cannabis dispensary, but Uncle Gus always makes the trips fun by rolling joints as we drive. He is very generous with his cannabis, so I am very generous with giving him rides.

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