They should make a TV sitcom about my cannabis dispensary

Never before in my life have I been able to honestly say that I love my job.

  • Before now, a job was something you had to do for money, and I always counted down the hours until I clocked out.

That is no longer the case. I am so stoked about work I never look at the clock, and sometimes I even stay late. After work, I hang out with several of my co-workers, and have become fast friends with them. Every day is full of laughs and jokes, although we never lose focus on why we are there. A cannabis dispensary allows me to work with what I love, and help people find the kind that they need. I wanted to work at a cannabis dispensary because I love getting high and always have, but there is so much more to it than I ever knew. Most of our clients are regulars, who have medical cannabis prescriptions for legitimate illnesses or conditions. This means that as budtenders we don’t just provide weed for the sober, but provide medicine for the sick. The cannabis genuinely helps these people to lead better lives, so how can I not love having a chance to help them and do something I love at the same time? The crew at the cannabis dispensary are all really smart, and too funny to explain in words. Someone should set a TV sitcom in a cannabis dispensary and base it on this crazy crew of experts, it would make for great entertainment. I myself am entertained every day here!

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