They need to make a theme park for potheads like me

Did you know that in the Harry Potter section of the Universal theme park they serve butterbeer? It tastes delicious, but is not beer, contains no alcohol, and still costs twelve bucks.

They need theme parks for people like me and my friends, who want to get wrecked and ride roller coasters all day! Can you imagine how much better a place like EPCOT center would be if they had a cannabis dispensary there? If you could buy weed, get high, and then go on the rides I feel the entire experience would benefit. All of these places are catered to families and children, but why not have a place that caters to adults, with beer and cannabis flowing freely. I can’t imagine how much money that would make, because just like with snacks and soda they could mark up the cannabis as much as they wanted and people would still buy it. In theme parks people don’t blink about spending fifty bucks on a t-shirt, so I doubt they would hesitate to pay twice the market price for quality cannabis, if they could smoke it on a roller coaster! Since I had this idea, I have become obsessed with smuggling a joint onto a rollercoaster so I can blast cannabis during the ride. I know it sounds unlikely, but never say never! I never thought we would have legal cannabis dispensaries in our state, but we do. Maybe the next step of integrating cannabis into proper society will be a theme park. If they open a place called Cannabis Country, you know I’ll be first in line.
Blue dream