There are countless cannabis strains derived from the hybrid Girl Scout Cookies

My sister finally moved back to our hometown following a decade living out west.

She left for college and settled into a job quickly thereafter.

Unfortunately, she was among a large group of people who lost their jobs during the COVID pandemic. Lucky for her, a company that is one city adjacent to our hometown had positions open that fit her qualifications and training. She applied and was quickly interviewed within a day of sending in her resume and application. They loved her demeanor and personality after confirming her job training and experience. Best of all, they are a pro-cannabis company. They are outspoken about not including cannabis with the other drugs commonly tested for when job applicants are screened. They’re only worried about illegal drugs since cannabis is legal both medically and recreationally in our state. It’s nice being able to get high with my sister again like we used to do when we were still teenagers. One of her all time favorite cannabis strains is the popular hybrid called Girl Scout Cookies. Being a genetic cross of Durban Poison and OG Kush makes Girl Scout Cookies a somewhat balanced hybrid, leaning either sativa or indica depending on which phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies is analyzed. There are countless cannabis strains these days derived from Girl Scout Cookies. Two that come to mind are Cake Face and Animal Cookies, and both are becoming increasingly popular in my state’s legal marijuana market. I prefer sativa strains like Hawaiian and Haze, but I’ll use a cookie-related strain if my sister has one when I visit her.

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