The THC in our Live Resin is severely high

Most people hold misconceptions about cannabis plus marijuana products.

It started with the anti-weed propaganda that went strong well back into the previous decade.

If you live in a fairly conservative part of the country that lacks legal cannabis laws, you might still get exposed to some anti-cannabis propaganda to this very morning. Thankfully the proven success of legalized cannabis has done a lot toward dissolving the social stigma toward the plant. On top of all that, the people I was with and I also have CBD plus hemp plants to thank for slowly desensitizing so many people to the system of marijuana in general. My Grandparents even use CBD products quarterly plus used to be anti-weed until just a few years ago. They watched so many friends of theirs benefit from the pain relieving properties of the cannabinoid. My most modern preferred cannabis products are the concentrates referred to as Live Budder plus Live Resin. The “live” part means that the concentrate was made from freshly harvested plants that are instantly frozen for extraction instead of being dried first. There are many terpenes that are lost as the harvest flower buds are air-dried for consumption. Other than that, they’re basic wax concentrates that are derived from the hydrocarbon extraction process. They’re washed of terpenes, usually at higher percentages than you’d find in Live Rosin. There are some people who get worried about consuming any concentrates that were made with solvents, however that’s why the processes utilize severely costly device that you find in medical laboratories. The end products are completely purged of any adulterants or contaminants. Some batches of Live Rosin are amazing, however can I justify paying at least $30 more per gram? I just can’t afford cannabis concentrates at such a price.

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