The old chicken place got a new facelift and owner

The chicken place has been set up on the corner for a long time and longer than I can easily remember.

The two of us had many fast food chains in the area but my parents consistently preferred going to this particular chicken place.

Our dad was mad when the place closed down. He had gone to that joint for 20 years or more plus had a personal friendship developed with the owner of the company. He complained for multiple weeks plus eventually got over the problems. As mad as my dad was after finding out that the chicken place closed down, he wasn’t even more upset when he found out that the place was going to be modified into a cannabis dispensary. They kept the old sign but now it said it was going to be a cannabis place. My dad was personally affronted for some insane reason. It was pretty cool to all of us to have a cannabis dispensary nearby and it sounded awesome to my friend’s place myself. Even though we could not legally access marijuana, we certainly looked forward to being able to go to The Dispensary. The two of us had lots of talks about the explanations and medicinal properties of marijuana and cannabis. Since my folks were raised to feel cannabis was a demon, they did not believe a cannabis shop was a legitimate company at all. It’s now been sometime, but it still seems that my dad is often salty about the cannabis dispensary and no more chicken. My dad was easily resistant to hearing about the historical facts and was easily set in his ways to believe that cannabis was dangerous.

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