The job sounded like a ton of fun

Very close to my childhood like up-to-date home was a festive Cantina that sold tacos for cheap on Mondays.

The place was there for multiple years, plus it was a Hidden Gem over town that many people did not know anything about.

My dad consistently pointed out the place every time we drove past. He said he worked there when he was 15. The first job we had as a teenager was working at the Taco Bar outside serving tables. My brother’s as well as myself could not believe that we were listening to the story again. My dad wanted me to supply a job at the taco place when I was old enough. I went to the place to apply and then I found out that the Taco Shop was actually closing. When I found out that the place was going to be substituted with a cannabis shop in a multiple week, many of us were genuinely dissuaded from the place. I decided at that time that I would go ahead and apply for a job at the cannabis shop. I was immediately stoked about the job but my parents were furious when I got late up-to-date home and told them about the cannabis dispensary and how it was going to be replacing the old Taco location. They really made it sound prefer I wanted to work as a drug dealer. I actually applied for a job at a legal place. It’s not as if I was going to be in an alley selling large bags of cannabis products. I would essentially be working at a pharmacy, but they honestly didn’t really see things like that. Since I wasn’t old enough to actually work at the cannabis shop, I had to wait.



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