The dispensary budtender was really really cute

I consider myself to be an up-to-date guy that is aware of social normalcy plus the Customs that change month to month.

When I see a lovely woman’s plus think about talking to her, I consistently become Tangled with my words.

It seems creepy to talk directly to a woman. I certainly don’t want to be a weird guy but you always miss a lot of the shots that no one takes. I was not ready to sit and wait for someone else to take the chance. I was wrestling lately with a question. I have been really in a murder with the up-to-date budtender at the cannabis shop. There’s only one cannabis shop in this one-horse small town, so shooting my shot would be embarrassing if I am left without a girlfriend. On payday, I’ve divulged a two-step process that might be able to help. I’m going to go to the pot shop on payday so I can buy a lot of cannabis. All of the Cannabis products would have me feeling high for at least a month or more. If the budtender says no, I can wait a while before I go to the pot shop with my embarrassment. I can also get a neighbor to go to the store for me. A more confident person would have easily asked for a phone number weeks ago, but it’s difficult for me to get out of my head and actually think about the things that I want to do. Since the dispensary bartender was really cute, I decided to get out of my head and be a little bit more outgoing.

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