Talking to our kids about life is important

The knowledge that the boring dad smokes cannabis is not very lovely.

Talking to your adolescent about pot is important. I have done this because I don’t want there to be any mystification around smoking pot. I usually remember when I was smaller. I got told that pop was dangerous. I was told that pot would lead me down a life of crime. It seemed like taxing drug use to me. As a teenager, pot still sounded pretty cool to me. I believe that smoking pot would make me a gangster or a difficult person. I actually came to learn that pot-smoking isn’t a large deal. It only seems that way to some of the younger people. I am consistently open about the use of cannabis with adolescents. I don’t want any of the children to grow up to believe this is an amazing or destructive drug. Cannabis is prefer coffee, fast food, or prefer beer. It might not be good for you but it isn’t a large deal if you use the plant in moderation. The knowledge that the boring dad smokes cannabis is not very lovely. One day during the private school classes, my child will hand someone a joint plus ask if the old people prefer marijuana. If they choose to smoke cannabis products too, then that is wonderful because prefer I said it isn’t really a big deal. I would certainly be upset if my adolescence were trying heroin or crack cocaine, but cannabis seems more like wonderful fun. Since the kids have come in more than a couple of times while I am using cannabis, it seems the most important to talk about the plan with them and give them an honest idea about why it is a good thing to have around the house.

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