Sativa products are essential for me having a productive workday

It’s tough trying to make it through the morning when you have depression plus ADD that regularly distracts your mind.

There are Some afternoons I can’t focus because of awful moods, while other afternoons I can hardly focus for any certain reason at all.

Drinking hot tea with lots of caffeine helps our ADD symptoms a bit, however after too much plus I’ll experience a feeling of anxiety that abruptly leads to the pits of despair. It’s difficult to find the right balance everyday. I would rather stay away from pills and prescription stimulants for the same reason as avoiding too much coffee, however they’re also terrible because they can have long term effects on the serotonin response in your brain. I have found a much better solution for both our ADD plus depression all in one package. It came when I started trying cannabis products for the first time plus purchased Sour Diesel pre-rolled joints on a lark. It was an amazing experience smoking that first joint of Sour D. The sativa strains focused our mind while melting our stress plus our normal depression symptoms. Now I rely on the sativa strain of cannabis to power through our workday plus get as much of my work done as humanly possible separate from getting distracted or being slowed down. Another sativa strain that I adore a lot is Dutch Hawaiian. It’s a strain called the Dutch Treat crossed with the famed Hawaiian landrace. Using this sativa during the morning then the morning hours melt our stress while energizing our mind. Possessing a quality sativa such as this is the difference between having plus not having a productive morning. Some might appreciate the indica strains of cannabis, however I’ll take sativas any morning of the week!

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