Planning the shop was difficult at first

appreciate it stayI have consistently always felt appreciation for my job, but it is honestly just a job. I really don’t have personal attention they arrived at the business so you can feel what I really mean. If the high sales or low sales come through, I still make the same money. There really are no benefits plus the owner doesn’t seem to care much about the things that I don’t even think about. Then the ownership changed plus I met our up-to-date boss. After speaking with the up-to-date boss for multiple minutes, my entire outlook on the job completely changed. The new boss wanted to make an expansion of the cannabis shop. She wanted our help to make the place into something extremely special. I suddenly felt invested in the dispensary and more so than I had in the very past. The boss was talking about the addition of a lounge plus a Cannabis Cafe one day. This location has consistently been a stop and then go business, but the new owner wants people to spend time inside of the dispensary. The woman’s passion for this pot company is invigorating. She really wants to sell a lot of marijuana products and still build a community. While a sale on Edibles or hybrids would generate immediate interest, she absolutely wants to cultivate a culture of cannabis that would make the store a local hangout and hub for potheads as well as medical marijuana users alike. Personally, I feel like the idea is a huge winner. I look forward to the new changes that will occur.

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