My Uncle grows pot on a farm

I never really understood why my dad didn’t prefer my uncle.

He was the oldest sibling of my mother plus my dad seemed to hate when the guy was around.

When I was a kid, I thought Chuck was easily the coolest uncle in the family. The guy rode a motorcycle plus gave all of us rides around the farm. He consistently had candy that he gave to the kids plus the guy made my dad laugh prefer no one else. We only saw our uncle a few times in multiple years and I found out why plus this problem made my eyes roll. My uncle was growing cannabis on her part of the ranch plus my dad believe it was sinful + immoral plus illegal. My dad was extremely liberal plus did not care much about marijuana. My dad was a fuddy-duddy on this particular problem. I was old enough to drive at one point and decided to visit my uncle. I really wanted to check out the marijuana farm and I was honestly disappointed. I didn’t think it looked like a marijuana Farm to me. It was just a bunch of small yellow green houses and each one had a different cannabis strain. My uncle explained there were not fields and Fields of marijuana plants. She actually specializes in top-shelf indoor hybrid strains that sell for top dollar. Cultivating cannabis doesn’t have to be a criminal Endeavor. I easily asked if my uncle could teach me some basics of growing cannabis plus she said that she would actually love to do that for me.

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