My pot brownies used to be too weak until I started infusing with RSO

My mother and grandmother had me cooking and baking with them in the kitchen at a really young age. I was so fond of food that I was always eager to learn their delicious recipes and glean from them techniques that others would pay to learn at culinary schools. Although I never ended up working in food service as a career, I cook nearly all of my meals and only eat out on rare occasions. I find it hard to waste money on poorly prepared dishes when I know I can do better myself in my own kitchen. The same goes for baked goods like cookies, cake, bread, and donuts. I have a breadmaker next to my KitchenAid electric mixer, and a double oven to cap it off. I have been told that I’m particularly good at making brownies, so much so that they’re always requested at family events and get-togethers. What they don’t realize is that I make good pot brownies as well. I’ve been making pot brownies for as long as I have used cannabis, but it wasn’t until recently that I learned the secret to potent pot brownies and cannabis edibles as a whole. You have to use RSO, that dark and viscous full spectrum cannabis oil that is sold in syringes for oral consumption only. Since it’s ready to eat, you don’t have to heat RSO and can easily add it to frosting or icing. RSO is a full spectrum oil with all of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the raw flower form of marijuana. The main difference is that since RSO is so intensely concentrated, the THC percentage is much higher than what you get with cannabis flower products.
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