My new friend was high for an hour

He sat in the chair and barely said anything

I’ve been working at the restaurant for the past five years. I like the job and it pays very well. The owner is very flexible with scheduling and doesn’t mind if you want to take a day or a week off. I met a new employee last week and we quickly became friends. The two of us get along very well. We have similar personalities and we enjoy a lot of the same activities. Last weekend Jack and I hung out at my apartment for the first time. I offered the guy some marijuana and he acted like he was no stranger to weed. I gave the guy one of my most potent strains. I packed a huge bowl and the two of us used a water bong to smoke the dried marijuana flower. I filled up another bowl very quickly after we finished the first one. Jack had to say no, because he could not finish the second bowl with me. I finished it on my own, which was no problem. About 2 or 3 minutes after I finished the second bowl, Jack started to get a strange look on his face. He honestly looked a little sick. I asked the guy if he needed to use the bathroom, but he said he was going to be fine. My new friend was really high for almost an hour. He sat in the chair and barely said anything. A couple of times, I thought I saw drool coming out of the side of his mouth. The guy was super high after smoking with me.
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