Love the deals going on

I took my mom to the city for an appointment with a specialist. Around the corner from the hospital was a big sign from a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. I saw the advertisement as the two of us were driving to the hospital. While our mom was at the specialist, I decided to drive over to the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. I walked inside the building and it was filled with people. There were a couple of people walking around inside of the dispensary as well as a few people waiting outside in line. When I finally had our opening to talk to a budtender, he told myself and others about all of the biweekly promotions. They had several unusual items that were on sale in addition to they had a couple of $1 promotions as well. With the purchase of a 1 gram Vape cartridge, I could receive a bit of live resin Vape cartridge for only $1. The medical and recreational marijuana store also had a couple of $1 promotions on cannabis concentrate. I prefer to vape concentrate, because of the flavors, however concentrate tastes a lot better than fried marijuana flower. I wasn’t going to buy any concentrate that morning, because I had several grams at home. When I found out that they had several $1 worth of emotions, I changed our mind and bought 4 grams of sativa live resin concentrate. I walked out of the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary feeling like I had robbed a bank. I had a bag full of stuff for a legitimately small amount of money.

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