I use cannabis to barter with my family and friends

My uncle has consistently been a grumpy guy and the grumpy old coot is still like this to the day.

Now it seems that I understand him even more. My uncle is now our preferred girl to hang with which started due to the need for a ton of rides. The pandemic changed many things for this family plus we also lost people. When my uncle reached out for a ride to retrieve medicine from the pharmacy, I did not hesitate to help out. I thought we would go to a pharmacy, but instead we were directed to a cannabis shop in the suburbs. There were not people allowed into the cannabis dispensary unless you had a medical marijuana card. This was due to the covid restrictions. They were doing pick up at the curbside. The both of us. Plus waited for a budtender to come with a sizable package plus place it in the trunk of the car. With pension plus all of the retirement money, my uncle was purchasing sizable amounts of cannabis products. Once I receive that, I didn’t have any reservations about driving him around. He consistently paid me very nicely with cannabis products. I got a whole gram of cannabis for each ride. I really don’t have to pay for any of my marijuana supplies now that I have set up this barter system. The two of us go to many locations and my uncle usually makes our whole trip Fun by rolling up a couple of weed joints. I am generous to give the guy rides and he is generous to hand out cannabis supplies.

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