I upgraded my cannabis oil pen with a live rosin cartridge for a change

Having kids has taken a lot of energy out of me over the past few years.

I feel like I have to be in multiple places at once; and unless I make kids happy, they don’t think I’m being a good mother. It’s hard when you have to tell them “no” all of the time because they’re constantly asking for things when we’re out shopping. When I asked my best friend how she handles having four kids, she said her secret was alcohol. I thought she was joking but she was adamantly serious about drinking to cope with the stresses of being a parent. Although I don’t drink often, it made me feel better about my own cannabis consumption. I have never used cannabis while being pregnant, but I definitely like to use it in extreme moderation at night when the kids are all fast asleep. Because cannabis flower products are pungent in their aromas, I moved towards using cannabis oil pens instead. However, I noticed quickly that I wouldn’t get as much of an entourage effect from my cannabis oil pen. I started reading about cannabis concentrates and discovered that my oil pens had distillate oil inside. Because of the extraction process, most of these cheap distillate oil pens have mostly THC and botanical terpenes added for taste. I decided to splurge on a full spectrum extract the next time around with a live rosin cartridge. The difference in effects was unmistakable and I was instantly taken back to when I had quality hashish in college. I’m definitely going to buy live rosin cartridges from now on for my cannabis oil pen.


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