I feel safe at the smokers lounge.

Getting back out into society was a little touch-and-go at first.

  • It seems like there is a new spike or variant in COVID cases week over week! These days I try to be cautious, and keep my circle of friends small, but I still like to go out and have fun sometimes.

I gave up drinking liquor a few months ago, so I no longer wanted to go to the old bars and taverns I used to haunt. I finally found a cool new spot where I can enjoy some company and have fun. It’s at the local cannabis dispensary, which had recently opened a smokers lounge next door. You might be wondering why I would hang out in a cannabis dispensary with lots of smoke and coughing over a bar, well let me tell you – it’s about safety. At the cannabis dispensary, you need to show your vaccination card, or a negative COVID test within 48 hours, if you want to get inside. They take the COVID protocols pretty seriously at the cannabis dispensary, and that makes me feel a little bit safer. Besides, it’s not like people weren’t smoking and coughing at the bar, too, it was just from tobacco and not marijuana. I still wear my mask when I go to the cannabis dispensary, because I feel safer that way. Also, I usually don’t smoke, but will have some cannabis edibles whenever I go to hang out. Edibles give me the same full-body high I get from smoking marijuana, but I can keep my mask on the whole time!

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