I could bike to the dispensary if I wanted to

I am from a state that offers both medical and recreational cannabis. I don’t have anything that I need to treat so I strictly stick to recreational pot and what I am allowed. It is my final year at college and I live in campus housing. I can quickly walk to all my classes, the dining hall and to any parties held off campus. The grocery store, post office, bank and other important businesses are only a bike ride away. The recreational marijuana dispensary near me is around a ten minute bike ride. It also requires the rider to cross multiple lanes of traffic at one point. Needless to say, I try to avoid that ride whenever possible. The cannabis dispensary now offers weed delivery services. That is the best. I am 21 so I can order weed delivery right to my campus apartment. I smoke cannabis oil, which is an indica to help me relax. I also smoke a flower that is a sativa when I want to party with my friends. I get good quality cannabis products from the dispensary. I typically do a once a month order. All month I try to be good about my finances and not needlessly spend money. If I have a certain amount left in my budget, I am allowed to order cannabis delivery. If I don’t, then I am hopping on my bike and making the trek all the way to the legal pot shop. It is worth braving weather, cars and pedestrians in order to get my cannabis products.



recreational marijuana dispensary near me