I can’t function during the day on indica strains if I need to work

When my doctor told me that I had to start taking a new medication because of my pre-existing health conditions, I asked him if there were any side-effects.

He knew even then that I am a busy person and cannot take disruptions to my already hectic schedule.

That’s when he looked at me with a sign of resignation and admitted that it was a sedating drug. Most users report drowsiness for the first two hours. Unless I started consuming even more copious amounts of caffeine, I was out of luck when it came to the sedation. Thankfully I only had to take this drug for a year before another hit the market from a different pharmaceutical company. This new medication was only slightly sedating, but it was a massive difference to me! I’m so against sedatives in my system that I don’t use many indica strains whenever I’m consuming cannabis as part of my daily routine. I just can’t function during the workday while using sedating indica strains. My friends who only smoke weed at night once they’re done with their day are usually bigger fans of indicas than I am. I will only use indicas right before I plan on heading to sleep for the night. This reminds me of the early days of having a medical marijuana card in this state. I didn’t know nearly as much about cannabis strains and actually trusted the recommendations of the barely trained cannabis budtenders at the dispensaries. I was told to use this strain called 9lb Hammer when I asked for a stimulating sativa strain for daytime energy. After days of non-stop exhaustion, I learned that 9lb Hammer is instead a strong indica strain. Needless to say, that budtender ruined my whole week and caused me to waste money in the long run.

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