Glad they offer delivery now

I am so glad that my cannabis dispensary now offers delivery services.

There are quite a few legal pot shops near me.

The snag is that these places don’t offer the products I like. There are a lot of rules when it comes to carrying edibles in a cannabis dispensary. Especially when the edible has dairy in it, like a chocolate, that is how it gets tough. Most places just forgo edibles or only offer gummy products. I really like cannabis cooking oils, cannabis cookies and chocolate with THC in them. My favorite cannabis dispensary is over an hour away though. I Really have to dedicate myself if I want any edibles for the weekend. So I used to agonize and make it a trip. Now I just have to order delivery and viola, it comes right to my door. The cannabis website has saved all my information. It knows my credit card, address and now recommends products for me. I even signed up for the dispensary newsletter. When edibles go on sale, I get an email and decide to buy. Yes, if I lived closer to the dispensary the delivery fee would be cheap. Since I am so far, I do pay out the butt to get the edibles delivered. For me it is totally worth it. How much is your time worth? For me, it is worth almost twenty dollars. I love that I can stay in my PJs and wait for my cannabis products to come to my door. I am very happy with the service.

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