Freshening up the cannabis dispensary

The new manager was a woman named Sally and she had a lot of big ideas for expanding the business.

This is a small town, and our business is pretty small, but the corporate owners saw a lot of potential for growth.

Sally was a hotshot manager from Seattle with a track record for generating big profits, so they sent her here to work her special kind of magic on our clients. I thought she was kind of annoying at first, but I had to say she was enthusiastic about her work. She solicited my ideas as well, and asked me how I would get more business for the cannabis dispensary. I told her that we needed to give people a reason to stay at the cannabis dispensary instead of coming and going. People tend to walk in the door knowing exactly how much cannabis they want, but if they were able to have fun and hang out, they might spend even more. I suggested that we convert the employee’s lounge into a smokers lounge, where people could vape or smoke cannabis. Having the space wasn’t enough though, we needed to give people something to do while they enjoyed their cannabis, something they didn’t have at home. One day I brought in a few hundred comics from my collection, and advertised a “cannabis and comics” night. It wasn’t a hit, but over the next four weeks we started to get more and more people who would smoke cannabis and read through my old comics. That was just my first idea!

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