Finally the dispensary offers delivery

COVID has really ruined some things and made others better.

I used to love attending musicals, concerts and stand up comedians.

Due to COVID you can’t really do those things anymore. The restrictions are so tight that most performances are canceled. How awful is that? What is really great is all the delivery services now available though. I can easily get any product sent to my door. I used to go grocery shopping about once a week. Now I have a weekly grocery delivery. Standing at the deli used to take me like ten minutes. Now I just include it in my order and pay a little extra to have it sent to me. I just need to plan one day in advance. Another thing I get delivered is my birth control, toiletries and cat supplies. It is so nice never needing to get in the car and go anywhere. My cannabis dispensary was the last business standing for a while. They were resisting the change to a quarantine-like lifestyle. I tried a few times standing in line while a worker in the store hunted for my products. Paying outside in a line was horrible though. I only did it a few times and waited for them to catch up. Now they offer cannabis delivery near me and it is amazing. I just place an order from my computer and wait for them to come to me. Yes I am spending more on the delivery fee, but it is so worth it. I don’t have to waste time in a line anymore.


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