Farming is a huge part of my family and our future

My uncle has lived a minute or two away from my parents house for his whole life.

He consistently came to the house for Christmas plus Thanksgiving Plus for reunions when our family would get together.

Other than that, we rarely saw our uncle which was easily confusing when I was a kid. Max was the life of the get together and quick with a joke. He consistently made a lot of people laugh. I really wanted to see a bit more of the guy then for whatever reason my uncle came on the holidays. We also did not see him much at all and as a teenager it was strange. I easily became aware that my uncle was growing marijuana plants on his land. My parents plus my siblings were very upset to find out that he was growing cannabis. I found out that my uncle did not prefer unexpected guests so I contacted my uncle to tell him that I wanted to visit for a little while. I certainly didn’t want to get shot walking up on that property with no business of my own. I thought it was funny when my uncle laughed + told me that he would never consider owning a gun even if he did grow cannabis. People see incredibly crazy things on the television plus they easily feel that cannabis Farmers must be gun-toting and crazy hillbillies. That really isn’t the truth when it comes to my family. I was hoping my uncle would share some cannabis products with me, but he said Not until I was of the proper age.



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