Changing the way I sold cannabis

Having my first kid completely changed my business model.

I wasn’t any kind of big time pot dealer or anything, but I lived comfortably from my work. After Jenny got pregnant and we got married, I knew that I needed a new approach to selling weed. I couldn’t have my customers coming in and out of the apartment at all times of the night, so I needed to find a new base of operations for my business. I couldn’t just stop selling weed, it was my main source of income and I needed money more than ever before. So I raised my prices, and included free home delivery on all cannabis sales over a hundred bucks. I didn’t sell a gram at a time, if you weren’t spending at least a hundred bucks of cannabis I wouldn’t bother with you. I set up a pretty good system, where I would take orders over phone and text through the day and collate them, weigh everything out, and make my cannabis deliveries at night. I found that I preferred it to the old way of doing business, because now I didn’t have to worry about my cannabis customers wanting to hang out and get high with me. I could stop by, make my delivery, take the cash, and head on the next one! I had it down to a science, and my prices were still low enough that when the cannabis dispensary opened up, I lost almost no business! They also deliver cannabis, but they charge a lot more for the service than I do.


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